Rainbow Kitty

Felt like doing a fill face paint something abstract.  Gonna spend a little time sculpting and casting from here on in.

Might even have a go at casting the creature suit face in form latex, happy half term.

Space inspired Twinkle

I cut my fringe back in and felt like doing something kitsch and sci-fi

Silver snazaroo, sparkle eye shadow, prostick, glitter minerals and tiny white balls.


Dior Sequin Eyes

Inspired by Christian Dior Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2011-2012


I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but never had sequins small enough, then I got a birthday present :)  I was sad to remove this application, as it had a beautiful rainbow glitter that isn’t quite captured in the photos.


Also had a play with the screen face foundation stack and applied contouring for my (moon)face shape, pleased with the results.


Zombie Alice in Wonderland

It was my birthday last weekend and I requested fancy dress poker for our regular Friday night game.  I reused the zombie bottom jaw from the third degree zombie sculpt and gunked up my chin and tried for a riped jaw line, I’m still learning with the third degree and it was an A grade effort C grade result.

Downside was it wasn’t very comfortable to wear out, I couldn’t smile, smoke or drink so it lasted 5 mins for poker.  Excellent efforts made for fancy dress, I have neato friends.

As if it wasn’t creepy enough - I got photo bombed by Bobby as Papa Lazarou ‘You’re my wife now Dave.’

Contouring with Kate


Kate made my moon face more shaped and angular , plus she loves me in a bald cap, I have no hair :)

Tester MU for Grudge RED Variation for Lee’s short

Gonna have a play Sunday with some make up for Lee’s short (It will be the morning after my Birthday mash up, so I’m anticipating feeling fragile) 


Black wig, redout contacts, screenface foundation stack (palest) face base, black kohl liner for nose and cheek contouring,  Kryolan dark red aquacolour, screenface red blush, red lip liner for eyes and lips - 15 min application.


Might attempt to scar wax out the eyebrows on the day depending how face the actress is, black variation below.

Screen Printing CLUB with Adam

Stayed late for FUN at work, and made the screens and had a first run for the Lilley cover work for S.W.I.M novel

These are the frames and I even like it deconstructed.

I need to work out a better method for lining up the prints but happy with the image and motivated to start hitting my word count again.

Third Degree Zombie teeth

Been meaning to have a play with the third degree for class and decided to do some false nail zombie teeth.

Didn’t bother to blend edges as wanted to be quick as GRIMAS Mastix Extra started to stung my lips but loving the speed of the Third degree, great for anything you don’t wanna spend time sculpting and molding, definitely gonna by some more and have a play.

Custom Consoles - TANK GIRL & BOOGA - SEGA Megadrive

So I’ve been talking about this for a while and finally had the half term to while away the midnight hours surrounded by paints, comics, varnish and missiles.  It’s my first attempt so room for improvement, I fear this could become a new obsession.



I’m now attempting a Baby Cthulhu Nintendo NES, I’ll keep you posted.

Ripped face Elphaba - WICKED


I’ve been off work poorly and missed out on getting to see my class to their own variations for the scar wax application.  Gutted.  So I decided to play with some scar wax


Lime Snazaroo, scar wax, Loreal HIP eye shadows in green, pink, brown and yellow, black kohl pencil, false eye lash, Collodion Kyolan scarring material, screen face red bruise, pale green contact lense, elf contact lense and the black wig.

'Everyone else, clear the corridors and stay the fuck out of our way until the shooting stops'


Mama from Dredd using the Collodion Kyolan scarring material - the more you coat the deeper it scars, used on lips as well for cracked effect.



Lena Heady as Mama


FIRST TRY  - Collodion Kryolan (Scarring material)  Going to have another play at burn scarring skin, this looked effective but covering with MU lost some of it’s charm.

Got a little scared of this one, I had read online it could stain the skin and that it pulled the moisture out to pucker. 

Did this super quick as didn’t want to leave on for too long.photograph above shows best puckering

Ben Nye Magicolour liquid Black and white, red lipstick and green snazaroo for the hair PLUS Kryolan Collodion.


Test make up one for the other Demeanour sister.


Just having a play  - sold on the fingers but will need to see once costumes complete regarding the make up.


Wasn’t sure about whiteout contacts at first but they definitely add the other-worldy-ness fee I wanted and I’m doubtful I could afford two sets of sclera contact lenses.


Blue pencilled eyebrows, pink / purple / green Loreal Hihg Intensity Pigment eye shadows (that Pea and Aletta got my for Christmas :D) Black eyeliner, Kryolan Aquacolour red for blood (That Taya got me for Christmas :D) and black cut to claws stick on nails, black nail varnish and black snazaroo.

Our 50’s Photo shoot to celebrate 2013 MUC

Had such an lovely day, make up and nails, then prancing about with the photographer, was cool to see how other people do it or have the way we taught ourselves confirmed.


This one was for me ma as I look demur and that don’t often happen :)


This was my fav, I like the story - I’m waiting for my sailor to return back from war.  I spotted the trunk and was ‘please to use’ and just took over a little but that’s cool as these were my favourite shots and we have taken enough photos this year that, getting the shots what matters.


I was informed, this is my tart pose, would have preferred to be looking at camera as this angle isn’t great for my big old face but ‘vanity is but the surface’ and this summed up the fun of the day for me - I really wanted the cheeky saluting one too but my overdraft would have killed me.

'Cockfosters, that's where you live' there had never been so much wit displayed on the Piccadilly tube line.

Christmas Day MUC with Evie and James :D

To spread the love and after the fun we had on Halloween, I got Evie and James - Snazaroos / scar wax / fake blood / glitter gel etc for Christmas.

I got to do a MUC on Christmas day AWESOME.


Didn’t have my brushes and we were making it up as we went along but still smiley faces all round.


I have so MUCH fun hanging out with these two :)


CHRISTMAS NINJA drawn at the dinner table, my Christmas ninja to be  a part of the MUC crew.